For Michigan’s Future works to connect issues and elections, because the two go hand in hand. We launched our field program in May 2018 and since then we’ve been knocking on doors in all corners of the state, asking voters what issues they cared about most and listening to them, because every family matters and Michiganders deserve to be lifted up and have their voices amplified.

You told us stories about immigrating to Michigan to try to work hard, play by the rules and make a better life for your families. You told us about your frustration with elected officials, who have not been doing enough to fix the roads, fund our public schools, and create shared economic prosperity for everyone. You told us about your desire for access to clean water.

We are committed to lifting up those stories and communicating with voters about the importance of getting out and voting for the progressive leaders who can make real change. Our core values are fundamental to our work as an organization, and include creating shared economic prosperity, building strong public schools, addressing climate change, and supporting social and racial justice.

Our model is to respect, empower, and include, because we are more powerful when we work together. Through a robust field and digital organizing program, communications work that aims to amplify the voices of regular Michiganders, and partnerships that empower local leaders and organizations, For Michigan’s Future will educate and engage voters on local, state, and national issues, and local and state elections.

Community-based and issue-driven, we are committed to building power on the ground for Michiganders and by Michiganders, so we don’t need to start over or reinvent the wheel every election cycle and every legislative session.

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