Creating Jobs and Opportunity For All

Gretchen Whitmer’s Plan to Create Jobs and Opportunity

You may have heard a lot of talk from Republicans about how Michigan is doing great, that there’s nothing wrong with our economy.

Gretchen Whitmer believes that this won’t be true until it’s real for every Michigander. While the economy seems to be doing better, Gretchen believes the recession never ended for too many of us. That’s why as Governor, she will focus on giving Michigan workers the skills they need to succeed, open up opportunities, and boost their incomes.

Her jobs plan will invest more in education and skills training, to attract more businesses and encourage economic development, so that all hardworking Michiganders have a shot at the middle class.

Gretchen doesn’t want to see anyone left behind.

Bill Schuette’s Record on Jobs and Opportunity

In his 46-year-long political career, Bill Schuette has done nothing to create prosperity, except for himself.

Schuette has taken four pay raises – and he already collects two pensions, paid by taxpayers like you and me.

He voted no on Buy American provisions for transportation projects.

He’s paid back his corporate donors by cutting taxes for billionaires, and giving tax breaks to corporations who ship our jobs overseas.

He even supported doing away with prevailing wages for construction workers, which cut their pay. This also makes it easier for shady contractors to hire unskilled out-of-state workers to fix our roads and schools.

Fix the Roads

Gretchen Whitmer’s Plan to Fix the Roads

Fixing the roads has been a central part of Gretchen Whitmer’s platform since she decided to run for governor.

Gretchen believes the key to bringing more businesses into Michigan and giving them all an opportunity to grow is to make meaningful investments in our crumbling infrastructure. That means rebuilding our roads, bridges, water systems, expanding access to broadband, and updating our electrical grid.

The stronger Michigan’s infrastructure, the stronger the foundation is for economic development and job creation.

Bill Schuette’s Record on Jobs and Opportunity

In his 46-year-long political career, Bill Schuette has done nothing to fix our roads.

Schuette fought against a bipartisan proposal that would’ve ramped up road funding over a three year period.

So now that he’s running for governor, what’s his plan?

According to MLive, “Schuette doesn’t have an infrastructure plan…”

Protect Our Clean Water

Gretchen Whitmer’s Plan to Protect Our Clean Water

Michigan’s water infrastructure is a mess. We all know about the crisis in Flint, and now we are finding out more about lead traces showing up in the water in elementary schools, and chemical byproducts called PFAS in ground and lake water from Grand Rapids to Alpena.

Gretchen Whitmer has a plan to clean up our drinking water and the mess Governor Snyder left behind.

Her infrastructure plan will fast track the replacement of lead service lines across Michigan so that no one has to worry about the safety of the water we drink, and so moms and dads don’t have to worry about the quality of the water their kids are bathing in.

She also has a plan to preserve the health and safety of the Great Lakes that mean so much to our heritage, economy, and recreation.

Bill Schuette’s Record on Clean Water

In his 46-year-long political career, Bill Schuette has always put polluters first.

Schuette has taken over $24,000 from big oil companies. He even sponsored a bill to allow drilling for oil and gas in the Great Lakes!

In Congress, Schuette voted against measures ensuring cars had appropriate controls on emissions, and he voted to protect oil companies by putting taxpayers like you and me on the hook for major spill cleanups.

As Attorney General he’s pushed back against rules keeping mercury out of our air and water, and even opposed the Clean Power Plan.

It’s no wonder the Detroit Free Press said: “Polluters have a friend in Schuette.”

Public Education

Gretchen Whitmer’s Plan to Promote our Community Public Schools

Over the last eight years, Republicans in Lansing have attacked teachers and undermined our public schools on behalf of wealthy special interest groups.

Gretchen will reverse course on Republicans’ failed for-profit charter schools and school vouchers, which would divert critical resources from already starving public schools.

Gretchen would also invest in early childhood education and universal preschool, ensuring kids starting kindergarten are ready to learn.

We need to see equal education opportunity, no matter what zip code kids live in.

Bill Schuette’s Record on Public Education

In his 46-year-long political career, Bill Schuette has done nothing to help our schools.

When he was in the Michigan Senate, Schuette voted to cut over $500 million from our Michigan schools.

He also voted against smaller class sizes, forcing kids into crowded classrooms and making it harder for them to learn and succeed.

He’s taken over $122,000 from Betsy DeVos and her family. The DeVos family is pushing an agenda of school vouchers and for-profit charter schools at the expense of our public schools.

Schuette even argued in court that students have no right to literacy!

Auto Insurance

Gretchen Whitmer’s Plan to Make Auto Insurance Affordable

Gretchen Whitmer knows that too many Michigan families are paying too much for auto insurance.

But the solution to that is not to dismantle coverage that we may need to depend on if an accident ever affected our family. And it’s not yet another giveaway to wealthy special interests.

As governor, Gretchen Whitmer will make the reform of no-fault a major goal within her first 100 days on the job. She supports a fraud authority, to lower costs that get passed onto consumers, and reining in the number of lawsuits in the system.

Gretchen also supports a ban on the ability of insurance companies to determine your car insurance rate based on unrelated factors like your relationship status, education level, or where you live.

Bill Schuette’s Record on Auto Insurance

In his 46-year-long political career, Bill Schuette has done nothing to address unaffordable auto insurance.

When he was in the Michigan Senate, Schuette didn’t do anything to help Michigan families with auto insurance rates.

Now he claims to support lowering rates. But he’s offered support for a scheme that would bait and switch accident victims, giving them support in the days after an emergency, but capping coverage and quickly pulling it away once the real recovery starts.

These kinds of proposals have previously been shown to shift costs to Medicaid, costing taxpayers.

Bill Schuette is not on the side of drivers and consumers.

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